Become a Retailer/Wholesale Buyer

Thinking of Becoming Didashiva Retailer? We can come up Few reasons why you should be. Our retailers are dedicate sellers and we are excited to know that customers around the world are eagerly awaiting to purchase our products through their local stores and boutiques.

Why Didashiva?


1. How to become a Member of DIDASHIVA Wholesale Program? or detailed procedure to start? 


Joining the DIDASHIVA Wholesale Program is very easy. You simply have to register at  with some contact details. If you have a website then send an email at Once you are done with any of these steps, then we will activate your Wholesaler account. You have to manually place that order on DIDASHIVA website Using your Wholesaler A/c No..


2. How much time does it take to activate the account of Wholesaler?

Mostly it takes maximum 24 Hours to activate your Wholesaler account, but sometimes it may take more time.

3. Can I get a GST Invoice?

Yes, we will provide you with a GST Tax invoice on your registered GST number and company name, in case you need more information on this, please write to us a

4. I don’t have a GST Registration yet. Can I still be a member of DIDASHIVA Wholesale Membership Program? 

There is no restriction as such for this and you can be a member of the DIDASHIVA  Wholesale Membership Program. However, as per government guidelines, a business whose aggregate turnover in a financial year exceeds Rs 20 lakhs has to mandatorily register under Goods and Services Tax. This limit is set at Rs 10 lakhs for North Eastern and hilly states flagged as special category states. We would advise you to please consult a professional tax consultant.

5. Is there any minimum amount or a fixed amount for Wholesaler to purchase Wholesale products from your website?

Yes, Our Minimum order starts at just . 6000 INR For Indian Customers & 200 USD/EUR/GBP For International Customer

6. Can I sell on Online Marketplaces?

Yes. As a member of DIDASHIVA Wholesale Membership Program you are authorised to resale DIDASHIVA products anywhere but Product Prices should not be below MRP. 

7. Will I get individual items in Boxes?

Upon request, all individual items will be packed and shipped in Corrugated Cardboard boxes.

8. What commission or markup do I get?

The products available on DIDASHIVA Wholesale Program have Wholesale and Bulk pricing which gives you an opportunity to buy at extremely competitive rates and sell them to customers on MRP while making a good profit.

9. What type of shipping do you provide and procedure for the same?

We offer only air courier for Wholesale-shipping and it charges as per weight of parcel.

10. Is there any charge for Wholesaler or it is free of cost?

No, we don't charge a single penny from Wholesaler.

11. What will be the return and replacement policy for Wholesale Program?

Please read our Cancellation and Return policy :-


12. Can I buy products for my personal use?

No, DIDASHIVA Wholesale Membership Program is meant only for Small and medium businesses who intend to further sell DIDASHIVA products. Any product purchased through DIDASHIVA Wholesale Membership Program is meant for Resale only and not for personal use. In case you wish to buy DIDASHIVA products for your personal use, you can do that by buying them from

13. Are buyers from outside India eligible?

Yes, buyers from all across the world are eligible

14. What is order processing time?

All Order would be processed within 24 hours of the transaction.

15. What are the Shipping Rates?

For orders within India Shipping is FREE, for orders outside India standard shipping rates based on the shipment weight apply.

16. What is the eligibility criteria?

Any Retailer/Wholesale Buyer who can depict a Reselling business channel to be eligible for this Program.

17. How do I Pay for my orders?

You can pay on our website using your Client Code

18. Can I buy DIDASHIVA products and then sell them on my store under my Brand name?

Yes, this is absolutely fine with us. 

19. What if I receive some defective products?

In such cases our Cancellation and Return policy applies


Become A Wholesaler

If you want to know anything else, please drop us an e-mail at or call on +917038562326