Refer Us and Get 15% Reward Points on Each Referral.

What is a Referral Marketing Program?

Referral marketing is a way of promoting products or services through referrals. These promotions are done mainly through word-of-mouth. It is a most trusted marketing strategy and hence, we consider referral marketing so as to get the genuine clients.

You will surely refer to the client who you think is in need of our Products. This will increase the earning probability for both parties – we and the one who refers us. 


DIDASHIVA is one of the finest Wholesalers, Suppliers & Retailers of Jewellery.

At DIDASHIVA, we always believe that there should be a WIN-WIN situation for everyone whether it's our team or our clients or our referral partners.

How It Works?

1. Sign up on our website. We issue you referral code

2.Customer place the order on our website using your Referral Code & get 10% instant discount on their purchase .  (using referral code is important then only we can add reward points on your a/c)

3. You Earn 10% Commission On Each Order (For Example Customer Buy products worth 1000/- You Earn 100 Reward Points (1 reward Point = 1 Rs)


What’s make this interesting?

You can see from the above that we give you a 10% commission in form of Reward Point on any amount of product sale. & customer gets 10% Discount on their Purchase.

How can you refer a client?

DIDASHIVA has kept the procedure to referral very simple. All you need to do is sign up & send us email on contact@didashiva.com for your referral code. Once we issue your referral code. You just have to Write a simple massage using your referral code to Promote on several Platform (ex. whatsup, social media) 

How is this program different from the Influencer program?

The DIDASHIVA Influencer Program is an extension of the existing Referral program that is tailored to influencers on social media. With the Influencer Program you can withdraw your reward Points into cash in Referral Program you can’t withdraw your Reward Points into cash you have to use your reward points on your purchase on DIDASHIVA. 

How much time does it take to activate the account of Referral?

Mostly it takes maximum 24 Hours to activate your Influencer account, but sometimes it may take more time.

Are Person from outside India eligible?

Yes, People from all across the world are eligible

If you want to know anything else, please drop us an e-mail at contact@didashiva.com or call on +917038562326